Cantonese Treasures
The Student Prince
Post-screening talk (in Cantonese) with film critic Lam Kam-po
20/03 15:00 08/04 19:30

"The course of true love never runs smooth", whether for royalty or commoners alike. With the current proliferation of campus romantic comedies from Taiwan and South Korea on the screens big and small, Hong Kong had its homegrown blend from as early as the 1960s. Loosely inspired by Lubitsch's The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg, the heir to the throne of a small South-east Asian country concealing his true identity for schooling in Hong Kong and a blooming romance with the campus beauty. The lovebirds run into the girl’s non-sympathetic parents, who try to coerce their daughter to marry a rich spoiled brat, and naturally all’s well ends well. The film turned then 17-year-old Alan Tang into an overnight heartthrob and he had remained the eternal “Student Prince” of Hong Kong cinema.

Acknowledgement: Hong Kong Film Archive, Leisure and Cultural Services Department
Director : Mok Hong-si
Hong Kong   1964   103min
In Cantonese
Alan Tang, Ting Ying, Yu Ming, Mak Kay, Helena Law Lan
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