Pop Animations
Toy Story
Post-screening talk (in Cantonese) with film critic Bryan Chang
12/03 19:30

Pixar’s first feature-length animated film set the standard for the digital animation boom that followed, combining a whip-smart script and iconic characters with a level of artistic accomplishment unprecedented for its time. When Andy receives a new Buzz Lightyear toy for his birthday, beloved cowboy Woody fears his place as favorite toy threatened. But circumstances soon see Woody and Buzz out in the world, lost and forced to work together if they are to get home. Woody must stifle his jealousy and do what’s best for Andy, while Buzz grapples with the revelation that he might not be a real space ranger. What follows is a non-stop parade of big laughs, instantly quotable dialogue and themes ranging from the crude to the existential as Woody and Buzz learn the importance of being a child’s plaything. To infinity… and beyond!

Director : John Lasseter
USA   1995   81min
In Cantonese with English subtitles
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